We were the first to make attempts to groom a generation of Furniture Designers & help Furniture Brands embrace modern design ideas, aesthetics and functional

Furniture Design & Technical Conversation
Focus Areas: Material, Woodworking, Joineries for Solid Wood, Knock-Down, Aesthetics & Ergonomics
Participants: Interior Designers, Architects, Carpenters, Professionals from HATIL
Trainers: Mr Martin Schatz, Professional Carpenter & Product Designer, School of Art & Design, Berlin, Germany

DTC-Industrial-Workshop-Furniture-Sector-Furniture Design & Technical Conversation

Furniture Design Competition
Year: 2004 & 2006
Objective: First such countrywide contest where Designers were called in to take part in. Objective was two-fold: to encourage the Professional Designers to get into this trade of designing furniture, and to make Furniture Brands educate about the importance of good designs where aesthetics, functionality and modernity blend in. Two editions of this contest took place in a row.
Sponsored by: HATIL
Sole Organizer: DTC