Industrial Workshops

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We started off with a mission to groom a generation of industrial designers and link them with their respective industries. The underlying objective was to help country’s industrial sectors move forward being self-reliant since they were getting their design solutions from this bunch of homegrown designers. Over the years, we managed to continue this effort across potential industrial sectors which would later appear to be the key forex generating ones.

  • DTC-Workshop-Furniture

Furniture Sector

Furniture Design & Technical Conversation Focus Areas: Material, Woodworking, Joinery for Solid Wood, Knock-Down, Aesthetics & Ergonomics Participants: Interior Designers, Architects, Carpenters, HATIL Trainers: Mr Martin Schatz, Professional ...

  • DTC-Workshop-Textile

Textile Sector

Textile Workshop (Woven Worlds) Focus Areas: Loom Mechanics, Qualities and Calculation of Materials, Constructing & Drafting of Fabrics, Aesthetics, Texture & Color, Finishing, Marketing of Textile Products Participants: ...

  • DTC-Workshop-Lighting

Lighting Sector

Focus Areas: Design & Development, Material Usage, Energy Efficiency, Lighting SystemParticipant: Crescent GroupTrainers: Prof. Hartmut Ginnow-Merkert, Students of Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee, Germany 

  • DTC-Workshop-Ceramic

Ceramic Sector

Focus Areas: Design, Prototyping, Product Development, Finishing Participants: Bengal Fine Ceramics Trainers: Prof. Hartmut Ginnow-Merkert, Students of Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee, Germany

  • DTC-Workshop-Leather

Leather Sector

Focus Areas: Participants: Lalmai Footwear & Apex Trainers:

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