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We started off with a mission to groom a generation of industrial designers and link them with their respective industries. The underlying objective was to help country’s industrial sectors move forward being self-reliant since they were getting their design solutions from this bunch of homegrown designers. Over the years, we managed to continue this effort across potential industrial sectors which would later appear to be the key forex generating ones.

  • DTC-Workshop-Furniture

Furniture Sector

We were the first to make attempts to groom a generation of Furniture Designers & help Furniture Brands embrace modern design ideas, aesthetics and functional Furniture ...

  • DTC-Workshop-Textile

Textile Sector

Professionals working in Woven category, young Fashion Designers, Textile Engineers, and Students from Fine Arts were brought in to develop an effective and market-specific design tradition. Textile ...

  • DTC-Workshop-Lighting

Lighting Sector

Designed especially for Interior Designers and Architects, this was again a maiden attempt of this kind in the domestic industry. Focus Areas: Design & ...

  • DTC-Workshop-Ceramic

Ceramic Sector

Early manufacturers of this sector got a huge boost since we trained a group of Designers who later on went on to aide this sector ...

  • DTC-Workshop-Leather

Leather Sector

The second largest export sector of the country had a modest start. Right then we partnered with manufacturers and insiders to pave way for leatherware designers and exhibitors. ...

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